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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a critical treatment component to your recovery. These specific movements will improve mobility, coordination, and muscle strength. The physical therapist will show you how to do the exercises, so over time, you can do them yourself. Passive exercises are used as well. The therapist moves parts of your body in a certain way to improve the ability to move a stiff or locked joint.

These exercises will only help if you do them daily. Your physical therapy treatment will begin in the hospital post-surgery and will continue once back at the hotel until you are ready to return home. Once you are ready to return home, we will coordinate a smooth transition to physical therapy in your local community with your own personal physical therapy regimen so you can continue treatment successfully.

NuHeight Physical Therapy Guide

Enclosed is a physical therapy guide designed to help you maintain your regimen once you return home. This booklet will be customized to your specific needs as you work with Dr. Kane and the physical therapist after surgery is performed.


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